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No it's not. Your computer probably is slow.

I couldnt even pass the 2nd lvl im sorry T^T

I still like it

This is game is cool but i think its my laptop but when it says type i type but its soooooo slow, but i think its my laptop probably slow :/ ( Still like this game! keep up the good work)

That would be great! Thank you for replying.

This is pretty good.

Let's Chat 2 community · Created a new topic That was..

That was actually really cool, at the end i got a little scared still knowing it was a game. Teens and some kids should play this and learn wht will happen if you really talk to someone like that online.

This game is alright.Its quite fun i guess could put more details to make it look cooler but either way its okay

I havent played this game yet but it seems that others like it , so i will enjoy it!

(plus i like pixel art games or is it-)

Sorry but i am really confused. The game is too big and it moves to different places...

I really like this game. Its fun but when i stop playing it, it wont let me back in it just says something like this: "You went to heaven".....

"This game is OUTSTANDING" i like this game very much. (yes thats all)...

I actually thought this was going to be at least a 3 min demo or something but it turned out that this was a really short demo but i still like it because still i couldn't make something like this either. Props to you i guess!

What the fuck 

This game is actually fun. I really like it, nice job!