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same haha


This game is awesome!

I loveee the art and the Post Processing. It looks so good! The dash to mouse mechanic is so good.

I also love the game feel! It feels so good and satisfying!

Keep up!

Very nice Game !
Nice Idea,
Nice Art,
Nice Sounds

keep up !

Such a nice game!
I love the Concept of Flappy bird but the other way around

by the way, you can just click at the fruits.

Thank you so much

but this should work lol

Now it have to be because settings

Well okay I will after the jam ends :)

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which os?

and which browser?

Just wonder because other people dont have the problem.

maybe I will update the game

that is what it should be  :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!
Maybe I'll develop the game further after the jam! :)

Glad to hear that 

thanks !


Thank you!

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Yes! You are right.
but I didnt had the time for that because I went to vacation.

Maybe I'll develop the game further after the jam! :)

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Thanks for the Feedback anyways

Maybe I'll develop the game further after the jam! :)

I am glad to hear, you like the visuals  :)

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which characters?
the player and the ai?
They should be there

you can try to download windows build


The only negative thing I could say is that I get scared every time I finish a level. It feels like I've lost.

But overall nice game! Love it

highscore: 1060

Nice unique game idea!


I can use assets from the Internet right?

Well ok

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For which platform we have to make the game?
steam vr? Quest Standalone (apk) ? oculus pc vr?

If it doesn't matter: which one is the best?

thanks for playing!

Glad to hear that you liked the visuals!

Nice game  Idea! 

But the player slides too much I guess.

I like the idea of the game! Nice one

I am so glad you liked the idea and retried anyway :D
Thank you!

And yes you are right. The cooldown could be a bit shorter.

glad to hear that you been hooked :D 

Thanks for playing

yes it should feel like a retro like game a bit :)
Thanks for playing

Thank you !

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for playing the game!
well... shouldn't be too easy :D 

I'm glad to hear that the topic fits

Thanks !