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Just.... Wow

I see, ill fix the credits

What was that? "Seems you may win me this year, but We'll Be Back" ? You seemed so confident in the voice chat ;)


This tool is a bit...... Uncanny..


The game looks amazing! The chill atmosphere is nice as well!

I really liked this game! The chill atmosphere is really nice!

Thanks! This is actually made using Unity Engine and C#

Ah, the score system is more related to the amount of enemies you kill.


Yes! It is not really an out of bounds thing, I made it so it is possible to go there, even if it looks its not possible. I try to include these kinds of easter eggs in my games when possible. Thanks for playing!

This game is my 3rd released 3D Game!



It is.



Really impressive!

Just... look hard enough... you will find and ARG..


Oooooh noooooooo


Thank you for this amazing fangame!



have you tried to lower the volume of the narrator? something interesting might happen...

I mean for the other player.


Interesting game! I played this game maybe a bit too long, because in the end the map just ended, it could just be the fps which was causing that (abt. 2fps and in the end had to restart because the game just froze). For some reason I cannot find enemies after the first 4 minutes. I see that the background loops, is it procedural?

I need it because I cannot shoot without Numpad 0

Nice, sadly I could not play this well because I dont have a numpod.

Cool! I cant really judge this game because of the lack of numpad on my keyboard.

This seems cool, but I cant play this because my keyboard lacks numpad.

This is REALLY NICE!!!

Really nice! Although the difficulty seems to stay at the same most of the time. I also really like the background! (did you use procedural generation?)

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Really nice!  I dont like the rotation of the screen, it is disorientating.

Really fun! Altough I would have wanted an AI opponent option too, I understand that in 3 hours it is not that possible (I struggled with AI, so I understand). Played with a friend, and I absolutely abolished him.

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Thanks, yes everything was made in 3 hours, but the planning was much longer.

what the fuck dude, spam submissions are not ok