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nice game design and aesthetics. I always was curious to see how the next sin is. I loved the Fraud one

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I am not a huge fan of plataform/metroidvania, but I tried anyway.  After some minutes, I completly forgot about it. 

It was so fun to explore. Sometimes I though that I was going to a completly  different path that I was "suposed" to, but your game design was guiding me quietly. The player moviment is so precise and the blood preassure mechanic is fun to even look.

I didn't finished yet, but I'll be back to  study for my future games or just to have some fun

Thanks <3

EDIT: nice beginning animation btw

I got chills every time that I entered on the drill room, and was really fun to trying escape from that woman

A lot of games seems like the same, this isn't really a problem, but the aesthetics and the shader of this one it's a relief (and I loved)

Thanks for the game <3

I just want to say that i'm a god in survival mode

Nice game

Not really. I only see the word "red"

The only thing that I know is that need it to be html5 format for running on browser


I enjoyed a lot the art style an how the story was told. Good game :)

One of the best card games that I played. I loved the game design, art, music and the theme. Congrats for the creativity

Really relaxing, creative and fun game

When I realized, I alredy was more then 20 minutes tryng to get more than A- just in the first level, and even more on the second one. Thanks for the game

I loved. It was so imersive that I want to be there for a little bit more and see what happens. Thanks for the game

Hi meebob
Only with this demo, I alredy liked too much of the characters and i'm curious about this world. The "Battle System?" is creative too. Thanks for your game <3

I loved the voice effects. It's a software that does that?

Congrats o/

I loved your game and I was determined to finish. You took a problem (commom in game jams) and made it in a fun way, and that was the reason to me take a look it. "Missing Texture", "PLEASE ADD DETAILS]" etc, grabbed my attention.

Even I discovering some fun ways to recover my HP and go more fast, took me 33 minutes to come to the end.

Congrats :D