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Are there any intentions on updating mobile and fixing the freezing/crashing problems that I mentioned in my comment 20+ days ago? I really would love to explore new content in this fantastic game.

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Hi, just found this game by complete chance. I am loving the open nature of adding content I feel it lets the customer actually input ideas that can be enjoyed by all. Speaking of this I think that a liquid bridge conduit would be useful. Another thing that I think would be cool is if in the editor you could select the ores you want to be on the map when you generate it randomly rather than place them individually. I would also love to see an improved version of the power booster that has increased range, or a tower that gives all towers around it an increased radius. These are things that I would love to see in the game. Keep up the amazing work though.

Also I encountered a crash when I used the editor and randomly while I was playing on the Island map. I’m on iOS and I’m on the latest version so there might be something you should investigate to look at.  [Edit] The iOS version seems to be prone to freezing then crashing the app, this happened to me while making a custom map and when I was playing the game on said custom map.