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Just purchased in the winter sale bundle and I'm having problems downloading it. Letting you know in case it's a problem with the bundle and not just my computer

I'm having problems downloading it :

Really cool little game. I love the vibe of a slower paced action game with good atmosphere

It's really cool to see some else batting around night time drives and recurring invasive thoughts. Hope you do more. 

Can I just say I really like these multicolored frog avatars =)

Name: Pat White

Off-site : I might be able to do some pixel art, but not a lot because I have a busy weekend and can't fully commit. Basically, if your group needs a quick asset message me and I'll get back to you quickly if I can help. 

Skillset: simple pixel art, but not totally ugly =)

Post-college. Was a film major. Looking to get more experience in teams and creating art assets for a project that isn't my own. 

dog avatar

Cruelty of Dark Souls but twice the depression? You mean QWOP!

Small worlds (like "in the palm of your hand" feeling)/isometric

cute animals

no violent

play as a car (not a human driving a car)

man vs machine and ruined places also caught my attention sounds cool

I personally like cute and nostalgic but I also like being genuinely surprised. Dark and gritty also catches my attention. 

Runied places, neon, snowglobes

Hey, I'll be mainly participating as an artist but I'm also a musician and would love to talk about audio stuff!

This tickled my recent love of The Fast and the Furious. Also, I found a weird meditative quality to having to control my speed and not gun it the whole time while that fun music played in the background. Good stuff