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I did not expect that this game was so good! :D i really enjoyed it and i want more of it! :D 

I loved this game! even though it was written in german i still thought it was a good game! I translated the text for everyone who want to read it in english;)

What a game! i love the concept of exploring and figuring it out all by yourself. The creepy fibe is realy good. check out this video to get a good impression;)

This is PART 2 of this amazing game! And for everyone that cant download this game, try STEAM . It workt for me馃槈

What a amazing and suprisingly long demo. I LOVE it!馃榿馃憣馃徎 

you ar so welcome! I cant wait for the full release!馃榿

support these guys! Great game and i love the fibe in it! Cant wait to play the whole game! 

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Wondering if this game is any good? Is it scary enough!?

I can tell you..IT IS!

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No trailer or a lot of game play videos but i played it and here is the video.

I love this game! great graphics and still very scary :) 

I love this demo! i think the gameplay is just right, graphics are very good and i like the puzzle ellement in it. not to hard but you need to think. i like it! cant wait for the full game.