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i had discord and 3 folder windows open, yet i was only able to restart, as even as taskmanager started, the game still remained as the only active window.

current version gives me a black screen and an error i cannot access to make a screenshot of and i have to shut it down by shutting my PC down, as even taskmanager is blocked by the game.

thank you!

does that also work in germany?

yes, good point.

yes, it stopped at day 10 shortly after i was unable to move buildings.

sadly the steam version of this game isn't as good as this demo.

i hope they go for another platform, as steam doesn't allow adult content in germany.

thanks. yes it took me some time to recognize it.

in your walkthrough, in the section for console commands, your texteditor replaced the "" with “” resulting inGAME.ship.loadWare("ITMPodEnergy") being turned to GAME.ship.loadWare(“ITMPodEnergy”) and not working at all if you copy paste the commands

please add more such options in the future.

love it so far.

lovely characters, lots of interesting encounters, thrilling story, freedom of choice (especially about sexual orientation/fetishes).

really anticipating the next release! keep up the good work!

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i came for the porn, i stayed for the charakters' development and it gave me a heartbreak every now and then.
thanks for the actually believable charakters and the very emotional stories you wrote.

thanks for the new tutorials explaining defensive measures. i was finally able to play the missions with monsters properl

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i rather have it turn into a jet engine than it overheating and taking damage.

maybe you need to either lower your grafics settings or buy newer hardware.

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if you'd divide season 1 and 2 into different games on itch, they'd not mess up the app.
currently, it always tries to update no matter how uptodate both games are.
and aslong as any of the seasons isn't updated, it doesn't even show the option to launch the already installed season

currently it offers me two different installs of season 2 to launch, but none of the installed season one installs.

so i got to navigate to the folder and start the files manually.

this also results in itch app not recognizing that i played the game at all.

thanks a lot. so i need to go exploring there.

the game already mentioned scrolls of knowledge for research, but i don't get the recipe, nor can i find any.

thanks :)

i haven't seen the riddle yet, but sometimes i think too complicated and the riddle may be way too simple for me to understand it :D

can you fix it so the 0.3.1 version is also hosted on the itch app?

yes, can you also reply to me once it hits windows?

i must have accidently skipped clicked that message away and skipped it everytime afterwards.

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please add a way to free slaves instead of either ejecting their cryotubes into space or selling them to pirates.

Also i was just a little disappointed that the different bot parts don't have different visuals.

custom keybinds would be nice. it's really hard to play if you're used to different controls from other games for over 20 years now

yes please! some of the tracks are really awesome

indeed. always makes me sad to see such promising projects dead.

"Development log
Sound Update 1.51Apr 27, 2021"

sounds like it's a dead project.

it looked promising.

i would very much appreciate that.

i got the same problem.

downloading 0.7 now. looking forward to playing soon

ah, i see. thx

so far i get that english is not your mother's tongue.
some things cannot be translated word for word, as some sayings are only common within the original language and don't make much sense or feel odd in the other.
it is like you understand what the author wanted to say, but it is not been said in the way a native english speaker would say it.

tried playing todays version

please add a main menu with options regarding
-mouse sensitivity
-audio volume for the different channels (music, background, voice, etc.)

most male portrays look female. maybe you can give the AI a different set of images for training, containing no female pictures at all.

the mouse cursor always shows, being very irritating.

it is not clear to me, if the cursor or my character's position is important for interaction with items or people

didn't play much further because of unergonomic controls.