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Don't worry, it's coming! ;) It should be available tomorrow. Thanks for following the project!


I launched the game on a Windows XP and it worked well ... So your error seems not to be related to Windows XP.

Maybe it is related to your graphic card. I will try to improve the logging system to see if there is any error message from there.

Normally a 32 bit application should run on a 64 bit OS.

I keep you updated if I find the cause of the error or fix it!


Thanks for reporting the issue!

It's the first release of the game and it's my first one so I am still discovering how to distribute the game properly.

Does the system show you an error? Maybe something like "xxx.dll is missing"?

I will try to find a computer that runs on Windows XP to see what happens. I will keep you updated but it may take some time.