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Just a heads up guys

we have been in a long ass slump mostly because I have been dang busy with university work (and thanks crescendo for supporting me through these hard times)

but if everything goes smoothly and I finish my exams decently, we should be back to tracking our updates (+more wips and dumb sketches from me) on here

I really wanna bring you more content art-wise since there is going to be a bit of a change in style (nothing major, I wanna keep the assets similar but more polished) and could definitely do with everyone's opinions!!

yes absolutely!

unfortunately it is not out yet but it is being worked on!! we do not have a release date planned out yet!

Thank you so much!! we love our kids so hearing that they are good characters for you makes me so happy!!!

and of course you will meet them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We have now been in a bit of a slump but HEY nero is done and we are starting aug soon!! unfortunately we had quite a bit personal issues coming up these past few months but we really cannot wait to get this out!

thank you so so so much for all your support!!

thank you so so  much!!!

omg thank you so much!!! luckily, even if we forgot to update it here, we are actually nearly done with Nero's route!! Hopefully we will finish her in the next two-three weeks, it depends on how much we have to work on non-related things!! We met up this month and brainstormed quite a bit! thank you again so much for your support!!

Thank you so so so so much!! you are super kind!!

Actually Nero's route is almost done!! hehe, the rest will follow soon, we have been on holiday the past couple of weeks but are currently getting back on track!!

thank you again!!

JUST A HEADS UP hi I'm chiu, we just made a twitter account for the game where we can post more stuff in real time, also tiny tidbits of information that probably won't make it into the game!

If you want to follow us:

thank you so much for your support <3

Thank you so much about your comment! we are both so so flattered!! We are currently still working on it so hopefully we will bring more updates soon! (and we also made a twitter account hehe)

And we can't wait to finish writing her!! we are currently halfway through her route, we will hopefully be done with her as soon as possible!! still glad to hear you like the Mighty Nero <3

(I agree with your best-girl choice but shh dont tell anybody <3) thank you so much!!

so sorry we are late as heck, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! we are so glad to have your support so thank you again, we can't wait to bring you the finished product!

super late as usual but thank you so much for this!! we have so much fun watching LPs and are always so flattered! thank you again, we are currently working on the full version so stay tuned !!

We both had so much fun listening to your playthrough! Thank you so much, I really think you understood what we were going for and I (but I speak for both of us) am so glad for that, it made me so happy! (mostly I am glad it shows through MC's narration, since it is. very gay and mostly focused on her pining over anything with breasts HAHA)

But really, thank you a lot for taking the time to go through our work! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

About the last conversation yes, it definitely still does stand true! We do not have a set date yet but it should be done by late 2017, we really care about this and want to make this look as polished as we can, so we are taking our time! I really hope you will enjoy the finished product as well when it eventually comes out!

Again, thank you so much for playing this and enjoying this, your playthrough was great <3

(ps. I am so glad you liked Cae hehe)

We will definitely finish this game! it might take a while but we are both very keen on getting this done as well as we can!

Also, I am so glad you liked Caesar! We still have seen just a glimpse of who she actually is, though, but she will definitely have her own happy ending! I hope you can wait till then! Thank you again for playing and enjoying this!!

Thank you so much for the compliments on the writing, we are both so so flattered! We are so glad you enjoyed it, thank you again!

We are so glad you liked it! Thank you so so much!

Thank you a lot! We really appreciated, and thanks for the compliments on the introduction!

Thank you so so much!

Thank you so much ahh! We will hopefully release the full version in 2017 so stay tuned!! thank you again for all the compliments!

We both have to thank you so so much for this comment! It really cheered us both up and gave us a lot of strength to continue this project and to make it as close to what we have in mind as possible!

Thank you a lot we are so glad you enjoyed the game! :D