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¡Gracias por avisar! Voy a arreglarlo para una próxima actualización  :D

Hello! thank you for playing Puri-Puri!! to win some of the special scenes you have to buy things in the store:

• Neko outfit (ears, clothes, gloves, necklace, tail) unlock a scene.

• The video game and joystick unlock a scene in the second week only if you answer that you want to play in the living room.

• The manga unlocks an image only on Thursdays. (Make him clean room)

• The stuffed cat unlocks a scene when you buy and give it to Puri 5 times.

• The book unlocks an image when you ask puri: "How is school going?" for the fourth time

• On Tuesday of the second week an event will appear. select: "Go Right, keep straight, keep straight, Go Left" to get the image of "Puri sad"

The other images are unlocked depending on the level of love or friendship:

Friendship > love, responsibility = final image 1

Love > responsibility, friendship = final image 2

♦ 100% love +  image of puri sad + Thursday's image, book's image, videogame's image + stuffed cat's image  = final image 3

¡Thanks! I would like you to help me in proofreading and editing. I'll let you know when I find a translator. ^^