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I really like this concept wish it was longer

How do I save my game?

I downloaded it but when I try a install the app it says it's can't... help please

So I really want this game but when I pick download it says stuff like this can hurt my phone... is it save to download?

It's hard to read.

Is their a way 2 save the game?

I love this. Also I have played all if ur game as of today 😀

I love this so much I can't wait 4 the next season. But I have to pick between Chris and rahim.... I can't 😭

I can't wait for the full game I am going for asher all the way 😃

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I love this game so much, I have been playing s1 and s2 twice in the past 3 days.

I do have a question dose picking Trans give u different things 2 say 2  ppl or dose it change how u are talked about at all?