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Incredibly charming and cute! Great character and item pixelart as well as very nice music.

Just noticed that Grahm Nesbitt's link does not work, in case it matters.

Absolutely loved this so much, what a special atmosphere, really immersive! Had to get the artbook too. I totally understand the decision for the above-the-head texts, it's the better solution. But I'd have loved to see character portraits for all of them!

Lady Winterbournes sparkly transitions left me speechless, it looked so magical and smooth, together with the music a true masterpiece.

My fav was Dr. Samuels, it was so creepy and creative and artsy, the visuals were awesome. (just the slow walking in the water was a bit tedious, as I spoke to the creature last and had to go everywhere a second time).

Great work <3

A really cool little game, after I figured out how to access the home button without having it (it's fn + ←). Nice and charming idea and characters, poor Jimmy :(
The music is kinda obnoxious tbh, a mute button would've been nice, but since the game is only a few minutes long, it's alright.