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this game is so gorgeous i've already replayed it three times so far and i adore the different towns to explore and the different characters to interact with!! the colors and the art of the game is so stunning and i love how the cards affect how u interact with them as well! 10/10!!!

this game is so cute and i adore the art style and the characters so far and the first two acts were so good and i can't wait for the rest!

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this game is so adorable, i bought it as part of the bundle and immediately was enamored by the concept and design, and i adored all of the characters and the camaraderie of the community and the ability to choose who we want to romance, and our pronouns, the art design and romance so far in this game is so cute, i cant wait for the next part!

this game is absolutely so stunning from the animation to the game mechanics, i absolutely adore all the characters and the storytelling, that i finished the entire 3 chapters in two days its!!! just so beautiufl!! and i love the themes the game bring forth as well such as not glorifying war, and how government parties/leaders can be corrupt, i enjoy this game immensely and can't wait for new chapters to come out!!! thank u so much for creating such a wonderful game!

this game is so cute and so sweet and left my heart feeling so warm!! THE WAY THEIR EYES LIGHT UP WHILE TALKING TO EACH OTHER and sharing tea and learning about flowers together!!! ID DIE FOR ARLETTE AND OAXA!!! theyre both so adorable and the art and music and the story in this game is so stunning i adore every minute of it!! thank u for making such a beautiful game!