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We are aiming for Q4 2023, hopefully sooner 🤞😊

I finally got my revenge on Shin-chan! 

This game is super fun and controls perfect. But, is the mermaid real?

Thank you for your quick response and sorry for the missing info! 

I'll send you a DM :D

(2 edits)

Hi! I've been using your plugin and everything seems to work perfect... until you take a closer look.

Some random letters appear in different colors as you can see in the image below. In this image I use an all black font and outline so you can see the error better.

The png file is the same color, white font (#FFFFFF) and black outline (#131313). I think the error is in the outline but I couldn't find any way to fix it.

Thank you! 

Beautiful and interesting concept nicely executed 👌

Interesante concepto. Muy adictivo, pero no he conseguido llegar al final todavía XD

This is wonderful and I want more, it's so addictive.

A question: Is this allowed? (tecnically it is):

This is a beautiful apocalypse. Cute and weird love.

I've made some more edits! 

I hope you like them :)

I would love to! :O

Thank you! I'll keep sharing my edits here if it's OK with you :D

Hi Low-res Artist!

I've made some edits of your assets and I would love to have your feedback :)

Ok, thanks!

Btw, this assets are just what I was looking for, they are awesome.

This isn't included in the RPG ultimate asset BUNDLE? :(