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Love it. Super adorable, in a way that makes me feel kinda lonely, but also interested in this story and any possible sequels you may do.

Another storecl() undefined error; this time on Linux. It is complaining the function is not defined. Did what I could methodically:

I saved every step I could during the start; it is at the point where it tries to create the image of your character on the side that it fails, when selecting genitals and height. The character doesn't show, and the menu no longer loads after that point due to the error.

Tried tracking it down in the code. It breaks during your if-else statement that runs upon "//done chara creation"

Since I'm not exactly a coder for this project, I can't say why it is having trouble. The only thing that stands out to me in this specific js file is that it's the only code in the document that calls a function() without any sort of call like this.function(), and they are also functions in a different file, the PortraitChgs file instead of MainMenu.

Yeah, I haven't done much coding in awhile, so I can only take guesses, but I think under certain circumstances/system, it doesn't like you just calling a function from another file without giving it a point of reference for where it is loading the function. That, or something else I'm not seeing.