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You responded 198 days ago. A Mac version needs to happen! Mac version=more players=more publicity=more reviews=more sales=more money (if you're into that) Translation: Supporting Mac is should be common sense for game developers. I'm not trashing you at all. I'm just really tired of developers not supporting Macs because they whine about the mobile graphics cards.

This game looks so fun but the amount of green in the graphics makes my eyes hurt.

I am very impressed with the game but I noticed some things:

  • no walking animations when walking left or right.
  • mouse sensitivity is way too high. Please add an option to slow it down
  • 75 wood for a mace and 150 wood for a workbench seems backward to me. Consider making the workbench 75 and the mace 150.
  • There were no other players on my map that I could see. Is the game truly multiplayer yet.
  • Is the map randomly generated each time? Do you have plans for that?
  • Please add an option to be female and maybe some character customization. Attributes of a character would be cool too.

Keep up the good work!