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i really need help with sentinel's 0 code! what is the filename i have tried everything

can someone tell me how to unzip the game so i can play it XD im kinda bad with computers lol


how do you hack the chasity cage? i'm really confused can i have help?


hello i really love your game but i tried to download the lastest verison of your game but i can't figure it out and i don't think i will but is there anyway or where that i can play this game easyer or if there will be any chance that you could some how or one day be able to make the new verisons playable??? and thank you again for making such a great game

i really love this game and it's most likely one of the best so i was wondering when the next update will be and if this game is even  still in the works? please let me know???

all it pretty much says is that its a third party website lol thanks for replying as well

is there a demo I can try to see if I like it?

hey leo nois im not sure if its just me but i guess your new update 4.00 is a thirid party website and i can't download it can you fix this???

i'm trying to play this game and when i download it and i go to downloads it shows this red text saying error so if someone could help me or fix this as soon as possabie that would be great thanks

when i click to play it sends me to an internent  explorer  and when i click open nothing happens can i have some help please


how many sex sceens are there?

im in chapter 15 i have only seen one nsfw sceen with luke can someone let me know if theres more and if you get a choice on top or bottom?

how do you divorse paul?


whats the code to the vault?

when im trying to play the linux version of the game it just pulls up the file so i can't play can someone HELP!!?

i saw on your "X" page. the vulture absorbs him when will that come out?

i'm on pc do you know where i can find a zip extractor

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more NPCs, more endings, more CV 😉

I have “another” question how do I play it when i download it?, Do I need a launcher? You know what I mean? If you could tell me and would appreciate it Ty 

Ty anyway all I can ask Is if you could try TY

Kalnareff will ever make this game so you don’t have to download it please?. like if you can make it so you could just play it on browser that would mean the WORLD to me! Ty. cannot play it on your phone

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I have one more question when I tried to download it on it said extract zip or something and I got scared is that normal or something bad?..from:your biggest fan!


there is a version of your game in well.. porn games hub so you don’t have to download it because I’m scared of viruses so my question is… is the game only a demo right now?… by the way I LOVE your game and if you could ever make it so you don’t have to download it I would probably play the game every day think about it… from your biggest fan

Azulookami can you put this game on your new grounds  I would LOVE to play it but I’m on mobile and I’m scared  if I download anything It will hack my device you know what I mean and your games are great so please put this on new grounds for free and you will have a number 1 supporter on god thank you