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Puro pup

A member registered Mar 09, 2021

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Great art, amazing gameplay. It was really easy to GM a session. It'd be cool if it was also a video game for solo games.

What do you mean 'let's go'?

I would have paid to play this game. Also made some fan art:

Yes, I full-heartedly agree!

This is so CUTE. Great work!

I love your games. They put me directly into the shoes of the cute characters, and you really get to understand what their  going through. It makes you feel both bad, and good for them. Storytelling like that can get most children to sit down and listen intently, just waiting to see what happens next. 

what happened to all the original games of the series? I looked and I can't find them any more.

yes i agree please

what are the keyboard keys to play?

where is the game jolt page tho?

Thanks! :3

Can You make it so you can download it on windows please?

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I got it to work and it's great! also can you make a 2player version? Anyway Great game!


peazip fails to unzip it right it keeps saying that an error occurred.

can you make it towhere we pc users can download it?

what are the controls?

I can't unzip it correctly or something because it won't let me play it.

can you make it to where it can be downloaded please? because it was great.

Can you make a windows version please?

My computer won't let me play it :(

i can't download it

I agree!

SO CUTE!!!!!


When is the 7 game coming out?Also your game series is one of the cutest and coolest games I've ever played! I wish you luck , I LOVE your games! One last thing , I hope you share this comment of encouragement with your contributors!!