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Hey, its been awhile since I posted my first video for this game. Some stuff came up and I wasn't able to get this out sooner. This is my third episode, I didn't have much to say about the second one and I didn't want to spam you. 

Honestly, most of my comments are going to be about echo. I absolutely fell in love with her character, and just overall I enjoyed her story so much. Except for the ending. I just felt like it ended so suddenly, with such a big 180 in her personality, it didn't rea;ly feel fulfilling. And that may just be from how much I came to like the character, i'm not entirely sure. But when everything ended I was genuinely sad and I wanted so much more...

That being said, that ending was really my only complaint. I really enjoyed the game, I thought it was very well made and the stories were really nice. The characters were cute and easy to connect with, and I just ended up getting sucked in way more then I thought I would. 

Thank you for creating such a nice game and making it free for people to enjoy, I know I did. And I wish that my videos could bring the game more popularity because I honestly feel like this deserves it. I had a great time playing it and I hope I did the game justice with my playthrough, I definitely tried too.

Hey, I started a series on the game. I haven't played much of it so far, so i'll have more to say as I continue on, but I think that it's very promising. I love the style and the music, and i'm exctited to be able to explore the characters more in depth and hopefully find my favorite. 

I guess that's really all I can say for now. But feel free to watch the video. I'll have more to say soon!

It took me awhile to get used to the controls, but I really enjoyed this game. The style is really enjoyable and my only real complaint (ignore all the complaining in the video)  was the difficulty of playing it alone. But for a game with coop in the title, that is probably to be expected. I'm looking forward to playing this more, epecially once I find some friends.

I made a second video because I absolutely loved playing the game, and I wanted to get more of the endings. I did get another ending, but on the way to the true ending... I ended up having to just stop playing the game. This is nothing aginst the creator, and just my personal opinion. I still love this game, and I plan to play more games by this creator in the developer in the furure, but sadly my time with this game has now come to an end. Either way, I hope anyone who decides to watch the video has a great time, and I hope that this game continues to be found by other people so that they can enjoy it as I have. Actually, hopefully more then I have.

I really enjoyed this, not only was the art style completely adorable, but the story was a great mix of sweet and deep. I am definitely going to recommend this to my friends, and I also made a video of my gameplay. Probably no one will see it, but I really enjoyed making it.

Wow, you didn't have to do that. Thank you very much. I'm so honored, you have no idea. I'm not even really sure what to say.

That cleared it up. I kinda suspected it was the bloody face thing when I was editing the video. But I didn't even think about the thing with no fire and the white flakes. It all makes a lot more sense now. Thank you!

Also, you don't have to apologize for almost giving me a heart attack. That was one of my favorite parts, and the fact that the game was able to make me freak out like that just speaks to how amazing it is and how immersed I was in it. 

I'm glad you were able to enjoy my gameplay. My channel isn't very popular so I wasnt able to get the game much added popularity, unfortunately. But at least I was able to bring some enjoyment to you, consider it payment for bringing enjoyment to me (also cause i'm extremely broke).

I loved this game, but to me it was almost more of an experience then just a game. It drew me in and made me feel so many emotions, both fear and happiness, to the point where I never wanted to stop playing. The use of art and music and dialogue and the way it was all blended together made for an amazing  outcome that I am going to recommend to as many people as I can.