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Cool game! I played this on Twitch last night and appreciate you making it. The scares definitely got me a couple of times!

I really enjoyed playing this game on stream! (Along with a couple of other lighthouse horror games, hence the different thumbnail.) Some fun and unique ideas. Thank you for making it, and for making it freeware! I can see this being expanded into something longer.

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Thanks for making this. I had agood time playing it on Twitch.

Fun little game, really liked the premise! I played it on Twitch and had a good time, even if I didn't quite understand the ending. Thank you for making it.

This is a great game. Thank you so much for making it!

My pleasure! Now I'll have to check out the rest of your games.

I played this on stream a while back and had a good time with it. I probably wouldn't have been able to finish, had it not been for what I took to be a fortuitous bug. Fun experience; thank you all so much for making this!

I didn't notice the third one was out! I definitely will. Excited to play it!

This game is great. Thank you for making it, and for uploading it here! I first played it probably in high school, maybe on Newgrounds. Then it was one of the early games I played on Twitch (off the Pinhead Games CD-ROM). Took me a while to figure out a couple of the puzzles, and it still makes me laugh!

As a lifelong fan of The Twilight Zone, I was excited to try this game. And I had a great time, ended up playing both episodes in one go. Thanks so much for making these.

I played this game earlier this year. It was a good one. Thank you for making it!

This was a really creative game, some great scary and tense parts! Really high quality. I had a lot of fun streaming it.

Wow, that's really awesome!

This is a really unique and enjoyable game. Thank you so much for making it; it reminded me of the portmanteau horror films of Amicus, to which I'm quite partial. Had fun playing it on Twitch!