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I'm at almost one thousand people, and the housing suddenly for five seconds says 300 homeless people, then I build like two park pods and suddenly it's back up at 200 housing space available. This is happening constantly, I think it might be a bug.

I've been following a computer chip maker. 

For three days, she hasn't gone to work, she just spends her time in parks and nightclubs, yet the computer chip production has gone up (?)

Yeah and the little people don't even realize that the teleporters don't work. 

Yah but you can use the workshop to make machine parts.

I haven't played for about 6 months, were there any new updates that I missed?

Yes I just did it, it works


maybe you can add raiding aliens too. and have a big vault(unique) with like 2000 food storage in case of catastrophes or something like that

can you make a glue factory? it would use wood, and you can glue buildings onto the sides of another building, so you can build into space.

just curious, how many botanical gardens did you stack at the top?

if you don't have any rocks on your 'inventory', then you should quit 'cause you can't build anything. but you could build a tree plantation (20 stone). also you can buy forests in 'decorations'. but if you do buy forests (20 wood), you should make sure they are on the 'cut down and regrow' setting so you can keep the forest alive for more wood. i usually protect a few forests at the beginning so i can change the setting if I have no more forests or plantations left for some reason.

Is that supposed to be a smiley face

FInished the game with 2500 people happiness :xD and every building in the whole final earth

and upgrading houses.

well why did someone say that?

I did that

why is my food down why are my rocks down why is my refined metals down HELP

sometimes my happiness is D how to get xD

yes it is hard when you have 1000 stone mines and you want 500 of them to!

how do you get music festival?

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my head hurts because someone dropped a suitcase on my head from the top of your world.

Correction: a piano

How do you make robots cuz i saw a post about that and i dont know where

i think 10 mechanical houses, 3 refined metals factories, and 12 machine parts factories