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How can I find Ste? I thought he was in Vicoria's prison, but only the Korg was in there, and now they're both empty.

You don't need to get any rope. How far have you gotten in the main quest?  The tavern keep can tell you what to do next for 5 gold. If you're still stuck, let us know where you are.

What does the reputation with enemies affect?  I can't find any benefit of trying to get positive reputation.

I don't remember exactly when it triggers, but it's at the very end, maybe it's an ending, and requires the 3rd row 1st column scene.

Over a few playthroughs I found few bugs with the "next morning" cave event. It only seems to trigger if you sleep in your tent. If you sleep at the inn or do the tent peeping scene, then nothing happens the next morning, and you can't enter the cave.  The following night I could sleep in the tent to make [him] appear at the campsite and trigger the next morning event.  I'm guessing the morning event relies on the campsite event happening?  My very first playthrough this resulted in the hunter bad end the inn.

Also, I tried sleeping in the cave immediately after the first cave scene, and it just caused the first cave scene to replay.

Love the game! I spent about 5 (distracted) hours playing and have 8/10 scenes. I can't figure out the bottom right scene and the one above it, but I'll dive back in at some point.

It's not a bug. Go there the night after you wake up in the cave.