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No Need To Punnik

A member registered Mar 30, 2022

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This was weird, cool and I want more~

So... this was quite the experience. Is this how every real jobin the big city works?~

This was indeed a good therapy session. Nothing unusual happened, Krueger is a maniac great doctor. 10/10

this was interesting. kinda reminded me of that one i think SCP story about the police rookie and a homeless person who claimed to be a god

This was veeeeery uncomfortable experience, but I think this was the intent you put in? It's very rare when a game can do this to you as a player, as a person

This was fun little horror experience 

Aaaand part 2 which was mostly collect-a-thon one, but still it was cool to meet new characters and see Venice in high noon tide.
Also Leo is great and I want more of him plz

This one is looking really promising. I do hope there's enough content for a part 2 (and maybe 3 (hehe) but for now, here's the very beginning of my Ve-ry-Nice journey. 
P.S. using the Steam version, but nevertheless gonna leave this one here.

So I was lost at some points, but nevertheless, this short yet really thought provoking story was great experience. Also, looking at the tags you put in, I see my little Silent Hill de-rail story wasn't far from out of place, hehe

I tried to be the best boy~

The last part of my playthrough. I've only got 1 ending, don't know if it's the 'true' one, but I liked how the story took this turn. Was not expecting this one, if i'm honest~

Great visuals, great story and lovely characters you've created :з

Part 2 is here, hehe. Did not make it to the end, but it was fun to see how everything is affected each time, to observe the changes and some backstory reveals. 

Loved the artwork, hooked on a story even though it's very little so far I understand, but I am eager to know more about Crow and Fio.
p.s. Had to include the music part in description cause I only noticed the part, but I will make sure to let those scroll properly in the next one :з

Please try to ignore minor audio issues, as the game itself is, admittedly a little confusing and dark looking at some areas, was a interesting experience. Am waiting for the full release and hope to get more scare jumps hehe~

The 2nd Person was a weird, but cool and memorable experience :p 

this is why it's never a good idea to go alone in abandoned buildings. but the game is cool :з
sorry i got the name wrong right away lol