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go to the room you unlocked at the bottom of the living room, then turn off the light and look at the mirror. then go to the bathroom upstairs and go back to the kitchen and fill the bucket.

how was it revealed that vincent and draco were still alive? if you're talking about the conversation at the end, i thought it was between victor and claude?

call georg again

this game is so cute and sweet!! the art style and music was very cute and the whole game was really well made. i really liked both gakuto and marie, especially bc gakuto is trans and it had an option to say you were too! (im trans and theres not a lot of rep so even from a short game it was cool). another thing i really liked was the button being there for consent, it was a nice touch and an important thing to have! great game <3

this game is so cute! i loved talking to the other animals, they were all so funny. it was fun going from each animal and doing tasks for them, and the ending was worth it!! i love games like this, thank you!!