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this game was really fun, had a great time :)

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I can't seem to go past 0:51 since the first fish on the right only spawns at 0:46 which doesn't give enough time to get 0:50. This game literally drove me crazy trying to get to 0:50, but no matter how hard I try it doesn't work, I am devastated. Great game tho ! Entertaining, cute drawings, 5/5 :)

The experience was amazing ! I loafed it. All the characters were interesting and cool to interact with, so was the universe. I was never disappointed with each click, the puns were hilarious and clever. a truly purr-fect game :) I also love the multiple pronouns choice at the beginning, that was fur-midable (ok i'll stop kitten around now, ok i'll stop for real this time I paw-mise, ok this is getting hiss-terical, ok i'm actually done this time ( owo)

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played it for an hour and got A+ :) Nice game, statisfying and not impossible.

Really well made. Good design, good music, touching story. I cried.

This is beautiful

cute, nice and spooky :)


Very cool game ! Love the design and atmosphere ! Keep up the good work :)

cute ! i would love to see a longer version of the game !

I really loved this game. It spoke to me very personally. It almost felt like i was the character. I cried during the panick attack scene. It was really well done, good and simple design with a short and beautiful story. I also love the message in the end. Thanks for giving some hope !