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I agree, but from what I can see in the original game you get game over when one single fruit goes over the I kinda just copied that. Maybe I'll put some more work into it to figure out a proper lose condition :)

You have to press jump again when next to the ufo! I'll make sure to update the tutorial, thank you for noticing that :)

really nice game! Really enjoyed both the music and the art (it's a Xanderwood game, was not expecting nothing less :p)! Very relaxing, great job

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Incredible art style and I also liked the gameplay. Well done!

Really nice! I really like the touch of having music slow down the further (or deeper) I get into the cave! I haven't beaten this yet but finding the exit is not trivial so I guess I'll give it a go next stream! Nicely done blake :D

Yeah! I actually found the shortcut :D

Hey Panda! Great game, I got 886 points!

Second, but still top three :

Let me guess, it was the airplane one

If your team does not have a sound designer that’s fine! Just remember to say it in the description :)

what’s about them? 🤔

if you’re participating alone I guess you can use them as long as you follow copyright rules. If you do, please make it clear in the description of your game though 

The theme is SHORTCUTS!

extra points if it has pizza in it

hey Chrollo! On the discord server there’s a 3d artist looking for a team. Perhaps they are who you’re looking for

hey there alex! I think someone on discord was looking for a team, perhaps they could be needing a composer too 😄

My friend Xanderwood makes amazing music for indie games that you can get for very little over at before the jam begins! Feel free to leave him a tip and a comment if you do end up using his work!

Oh man this is way too hard for my little brain to grasp on but it's sick! Good job guys!

Yeah I was entering the 60 mins with another idea to convey the madness, but when I realized friction would make a very frustrating character controller I definitely could not do without Hahaha Thanks!

Thank you Tauheed! I was probalby blessed by the minimal graphics I went for :D

Thanks Jordan! I am definitely going to watch that ;D

Hahaha I really did not think about that but you're right! They sure have some similarities :p

I think he might actually find it hilarious! Cheers :D

I need to remember to look at the description. I was mad because I didn't understand it. Now I'm mad because it's a great concept! Well done!

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Can't wait to see it! I might have mine done in the next hour :D 

Richard this does not feel like a 1h game. I actually really love it and thinking in CW/CCW instead of Right/Left at such a fast pace really breaks my brain lol. GG

how the hell did you get 74 lmao

I feel like you definitely centered the theme dude! Great job! This makes you go insane :D

I feel good when the game says I won, and this game said I won! Solid entry for a 1 hour jam! it's no Budzia, but you managed to do some level design on top of the code and the art so I respect that!

I did not read the tip of the day and would you believe the cow spawned right on my character lol Nice one, this starts off simple but really gets harder over time as you have to be super careful with cows shaking around and filling up the screen!

I really do appreciate that, man!

The side effects of having the cube roll around instead of simply slide are probably the thing that makes it tricky >.< I'm kinda happy with how the madness turned out lol!

Thank you Marlin! Lol I kinda had to practice to get my best score lower than that myself so I'm considering it a solid run haha! 

It's a bit glitched as you can't see all the text in my browser but I think that, for being made in 60 minutes, this is a solid entry!

Yeah, the way the player controller came out made it more challenging than it would have been otherwise :D
I tried yours: I love Wario Ware!