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Super duper cute! loved the fade out effect at the end, super cool. :D

heeeeck yeah

absolutely lovely! the music was perfect and you captured the feeling of a nice shower excellently ✨

Great work!!!!!!

ahh gosh! That was honestly super cool seeing what you could do with bitsy, that was rad! Loved the beginning with the soft rain in the BG, that was great. Loading two games also?? Super rad!!

oh yeah he's uh...not in it yet woops!! I'm gonna update it sometime that you can find him c:

super duper cute!!! I love the water goddess, she's great :D

aw yo this is adorable! the yellow and black color scheme is super rad, i love ittt

thank you so much! im glad it's giving you inspiration, thats super cool to hear <3 <3

aaa thank you so much!! Im glad you liked it, aha. you beat the game!! i made it in eight hours so i didn't really include a win message, but you found all the sparkles and found a friend, so you got everything you could in the game. c:

Heyo! I'm glad you think it's cute, aha. I think I might know what your issue is, however. I have a Windows 10 computer and I built the game on it, so it should have Windows support theoretically. Did you download the RTP version or the non-RTP version?

this was super duper cute!!! nice work, i loved the pixel art. c:

That was super duper cute!! You made excellent use of color and I enjoyed the very small ride. This was surprisingly cinematic for a bitsy game, too! Overall, real impressed and very charmed. Nice work!!

Yo! This is super adorable and creative! I love the new twist on the classic Yume Nikki elements, this is super great. Can't wait for the full thing!