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I keep getting the error that it cannot parse the package when I try to install it. It could be that I'm on too old a version of Android OS, however, but you may want to double-check in case not.

If you're referring to the event in NYC, unfortunately not as I'm WAY off-site.

Some really fun gameplay here and clever mechanics. Well done.

A fun concept with good execution. The concept could really benefit from hand controllers, of course, so hopefully this will be adapted once those become more widely available. Good job!

It wasn't released after the deadline. There was an error in the submission process that caused it not to get listed initially, and Mr. Calvert had to send us a special link to fix it. As for the comments, have all your friends try your game and rate it.


Use the triggers to grab objects.

Use the left touch pad(may be right if controls are reversed) to move, or alternatively, squeeze the right grip buttons to engage the WalkAbout system explained here: