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Storm Kissler

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oh very cool this feels a lot like rhythm heaven


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Level two time 12.5- feat Ittai Mann

The art and music are real nice. I think this did a very nice job of fitting the game's presentation to the source material!

Oh and I think I know how you did it. Did you use a controller to give input while the game paused on spawn/respawn? If you managed to give input to whatever unity reads as its default horizontal axis then that could still move you while nothing else that required a button press could in that semi frozen state. Also because gravity was turned off, you could just float sideways until you hit max air speed and start the game like that.

Ok that I can fix, I don't know how you did it but I can make sure I do a more thorough job of pausing the game. Thanks for letting me know. Also lmao sub 6 is possible.

wooooow ok

Known bug: movement problem tied to framerate, Near unplayable at  more than 100 fps