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I love that concept it was a amazing experience Well Done dude it was really great. It makes my day good

Thank you for your reply, We know it was a bit confusing hitting the look out sign but that was our plan to do that, we wanted an obstacle which would make you think and when you realise it it would make you satisfied, and here is the outcome. And we would be appriciated if you make comments about how we can improve our game, And we would be appriciated if you played our games after we release our further updates and tell us your opinion about it, thank you for replying and have a Good Day.

But you should change it a little bit 


Thank you for the comment, we are really happy that another developer have commented on our game and your opinion is very important for us, we will be making updates on our game when we have time, right now we are working on a flight simulator so updates will be A bit slow but consistent, we would really like you to play our game after the updates as well, thank you very much for your comment again, have a good day.

dude its too hard sometimes but I love it

dude I dont understand anything you need tutorial but animation and mirror head is nice :)

Colored lights for alarms to make better atmosphere