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Please make more of this game, please

The Alolan Exeggutor WatchTower is just a meme, I added it for fun so its not really meant for regular game play. The only performance issues I had with the world was when the tower was first built, my computer isn't vary powerful so it had to think (go unresponsive) for a few seconds. After it was built, my world I was testing it in ran fine (the sight almost fills a entire small world =) ).

My mod simply adds WatchTowers to the game to watch over large areas


Hit download in the top corrner

(I'm sorry if this isn't the proper way to publish mods)

great game just i wish more people played

ok if tis game was on my gameboy id pick it up a lot more. the caricter moves at brake neck speeds and it has just enuff challenge and intrist to keep you at it. this game is free, you should pick it up and play it

or thay played once