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Loved it!

And love the multiple paths for the same character!

Honorée <3

First appearance is bad, loud music, no volume option.

Haven't played the game yet but if you have audio it's a pretty essential feature.

Didn't even realize they posted this on Itch, but anyways, just wanted to say this is an amazing game!

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I can't figure out how to walk.... I tried WASD, 8456, Up Left Down Right... I can interact with the game with some keys but I still can't figure out how to walk...

PS: The flying robot makes it worse...

Amazing game, lots of fun! The game mechanics and how well it runs made the experience highly enjoyable, as well as the "short story" which is long enough to make you invested in it. I cannot wait to see more!

I also wanted to state that though I 100% support small Patreon only perks I would love for this game to remain free, though if you do make it paid know that it is far better than most other games on

No reply? This game really needs a save feature, saving is rather easy to implement, especially with unity.

I'm stuck in the space station... I can't find the ship I purchased...

Amazing game but hate that it won't be free...

Awesome game, but with how annoying it is to swipe on PC you should allow the arrow keys to swipe, also the reaper's sighs get very annoying.

I can tell, great game btw! Great choice :P