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Super late because I had to finish off exams before giving this a spin - really great stuff though man! Like others have said the padlock cracking gets a bit repetitive after the first few times and offers little challenge. Reserving it for optional paths or secret areas might be a good idea (think terminal hacking and lock picking in Fallout).
Biggest problem I had was some pretty extreme lag in certain areas, especially outdoors. It's still a playable speed but very sluggish and it's not consistent either, it speeds up at certain spots sometimes then slows down again. My laptop isn't especially powerful but it plays most games I throw at it with minimal issues, especially 2D games. I'm pretty sure all those made with Game Maker (albeit GM1 not 2) have been as smooth as can be, even fairly busy games like Nuclear Throne.

One thing I noticed; while I could see the point of items having weight (it looks like Keu's backpack can only carry a certain amount), I'm not sure if there's any kind of mechanic to do with rarities. I've only ever seen these in MMO games, where it's largely used as bragging rights and to help with evaluation in terms of bartering.
In NYKRA, cool I can see that RAM is more rare than screws but like... is there anything else to it? Or is it just telling me that I should be more wise about when to use it? If that's the case I'm still not sure that's necessary. Using the Fallout series as an example again, where resources like ammo are important, you're never told how rare anything is. You kind of just figure it out along the way. Same goes for classics like the Pokemon, or... well any single-player game (that I can think of at least). That said I don't think it's an issue, it just stood out to me. You might also have an actual point to it in which case you can ignore all of this :P

Oh yeah, I also noticed a typo in one of the dialogue options when speaking with Pta. I can't remember it exactly but it had "the them", which I assume what meant to be just "them".

Sounds like I'm just throwing a lot of issues at you, but on the whole I really liked it. Kinks and such are all things that are smoothed out through testing and I'm sure the full version will be awesome. Keep up the amazing work, can't wait!