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Tobias "Pudge me Baby" Brunner

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Hey there!

I'm not good with many words, so I think I  just point out what I liked and what I did not like. :D

The good:
- What I love is the usage of consumables, they feel insanely helpful and sometimes even needed which I think is wonderful game design!

- The art-style is really nice!

- The game is challenging which I definitely like :)

What I had problems with:

- Even after playing through the whole game I did not understand when I could stun enemies with an attack and when not, that sometimes led to frustrating moments.

- I personally did not like the side-scroll sections, it did throw me off, and it looks so much better from above. But that's of course something very personal. :D

Thanks for making the game! :)

Hey there!
use this theard for every kind of feedback you have, it is appreciated. :)

Hey everyone!
Thanks for checking the game out, any feedback is welcome though please us this thread to answer the following question:
- On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best, how would you rate this game?
- Tell me 3 things you like the most about it.
- Tell me the worst thing about this game.

Sadly it stopped working at wave 9 :(
- Good polish, it has a nice feeling to it.
- Upgrades are always fun!
- I like the self exploding enemies, they added some strategy as you can use them against other enemies.

-Souls and items stopped my bullets which was annyoing as hell. (Pun intended)
- The combat feels a bit monotonus, just bigger enemies that can take more damage and actually were more esay then their small parts.

Screw this, made it!
10/10 will never touch it again.

Would have posted my score but it's not in the end screen :(
Anyway, I like the graphics and the moment when the difficutly ramps up super ridicously was funny!

Just polish it, make the game "feel" better and then you have a really nice and simple game!

Funny and short enough, theme is definitely in it, thanks man!

Beat me at my own game!