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Would you be able to make a release for Linux?

could you compile for linux please? It doesnt work right with WINE.

did you remove your files from roaming?

you are so terribly wrong for so many reasons.... phones can use zip files, also zips are just compressed folders. in actuality the problem is that phone hardware is fundamentally different than computer hardware. You could try the renpy plugin for joiplay to port the game over.

So we meet again lol :D

Me waiting on my next paycheck so i can play Solitaire level 2 lmao.

ALl joking aside, this looks fucking sick!

By any chance could you make a "Spreads" that is printer freindly? i like to make hand-bound books, and the printer freindly is a sheet per page.

This is cool! it will be fun to develop a game around it.

With the Free version, does that allow use in commercial video games, or is that paid only?

Great piece of software! Works on any Arch-Based distro as well! I'm going to use it for SSO (The game I'm working on)

What font are you using in the examples?

I found the issue, the internal sensitivity was set to 0 ⊙⁠.⁠☉

Thank you! it wouldn't be possible without your tiles. I will take a look at the scroll wheel function and see what i can do. Could you tell me what OS you run?

Update, I'm posting a Demo later today if you want to check it out. the Project page is already open. It will be a free m̶i̶s̶t̶a̶k̶e̶ Project, at least till it is done.

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Update, I blame you for the ridiculous amount of time i have spent on this project lol. I finally got world gen set.

I had to invent a new way of 3d in Unity 2D just so i could get tiles to work together lol

me, booting up Unity rn lol

Are these top-down or left-right?

Hi! by any chance could you make a up and down movement spritesheet for this character? I want to use it in a top-down game i'm making. Thank you for making this character!