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Just stumbled upon Gameflow  - is incredible the progress I have made in Unity in the last 24 hours. *Easily* mega-quadruple the previous two weeks combined. To the creators of this - THANK YOU !    I *can* work in Unity because of you.

As i am learning Gameflow I have hit upon a few stumbling blocks - if someone could point me in the right direction, please?

Question #1

Assume I have a rigidbody SHIP flying around in space. Vaguely asteroids-ish. I have forces working for retro rockets/thrusters/etc controlled by keyboard events. Have a working "particles on/off for thruster flame"

How would i go about getting any data point - for example,  the current XYZ position of SHIP or rotation - and sending that data to onscreen text readouts or a UI slider for display?    (constant update)

( x = 32.744   y = 1.332   z = -312.123 )

or using a UI slider for display     (  Position X =  ________o__________________________ )

I have doctored and played in the examples "SCORE" and the online tutorial "Gameflow CLock" both which send data to onscreen text objects, but cant seem to get the jump to where i am looking for.

Question #2

I have a onscreen UI button - how can I get Gameflow to see it NOT as a momentary button?   As-in, when I use a keyboard key "W" (thrust) I can hold "down", but the UI button only sends a "bang" (to use Max/msp terms)

Question #3

In the example "SCORE" in the hierarchy tab under Canvas the "Score" "Text" and "Programs" is colored blue...  I cannot grok what that is trying to tell me...  I figure must be important somehow.

Thanks for putting up with my super-newby Gameflow questions.

thanks again - I have been searching for this kind of hook into Unity.

again - I *can* work in Unity because of you.