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Thanks, that seemed to work! Game looks great BTW. 

When launched the loading screen shows up temporarily and then the screen goes blank with a "File Fragmentation Error" message :( Is there something I can do to fix this?

Bought it and loving it. Huge kudos on the stylistic choice of maintaining the primary Speccy palette in-game but bringing in smooth sprites and eliminating colour clash (in fact I'm probably in the minority but I'd probably have preferred that the sprites were also "retro" coloured, but I'm weird :D) Please more like this!!

Hi, thanks for responding! I'm using the latest release (22.09) which uses 2.07k. Feel free to ping me over email at ptsochantaris at gmail and I'll be happy to try and debug, I'm just not very familiar with Next basic or I would have given it a go myself. I'm using an N-Go board for what it's worth, and the mouse is connected to the port via USB -> PS2 converter -> Mouse/keyboard splitter -> N-Go. Hope this helps!

Lovely game, but FYI I also get the same error mentioned when I try to start by clicking on the mouse. A brilliant effort though and a lot of fun to see BASIC games on a ZX Spectrum that are actually playable and engaging :)

I have to admit, when I first downloaded this game it felt a bit too simplistic, but I'm glad I gave it a few goes, it's very addictive and the game strategies emerge brilliantly from the base mechanics. Thanks for making this super-addictive game!