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Oh Dave! I love playing you games. Although the concept to this one was rather simple, but I think this one did a great job for what it was! As always I had a blast playing on the channel, and I can't wait for the next one!  

I loved the concept behind Perfection! It was a great experience and I had a blast playing it on my channel! When the game judged me, it was pretty spot on, so needless to say it creeped me out a ton! Check out my video, tell me what you think! :)

Intertwined is by far one of my favorite Parkour games! The scenery is absolutely beautiful, and the soundtrack pulls everything together! I had an amazing time playing Intertwined on my channel, be sure to check out my video on it! Can't wait to see more from you! Amazing job!  

Had a blast playing through this on my channel! although I wish it was longer! I know its just a demo but I really hope you take this somewhere! The jumpscare got me good.. Maybe a little too good! 

Can't wait for the full release! Had an amazing time playing through this on my channel! I will say it was pretty short, and I wish there was a bit more to it. But overall

it was a great play!

I really liked the story behind this one. Being trapped in a room, with no explanation as to whats going on around you. At times you need to roam around and find the next step to make progress. It's not always straight forward, and there isn't much guidance. I really did like playing this one on my channel! So if you wanna check it out that would be awesome! 

One game after another Mr. Microwave Games killed it! Had an absolute blast plaything through this on my channel! This one was really difficult to beat, especially when it came to dealing with the monsters! Hope you check out the video!

Had an absolute blast playing through this demo on my channel! I can't wait to see more Baldi when it's fully released!  

I am so happy you decided to make another spongebob horror game! Had an absolute blast playing through this one as always! I love the new mechanics you added into this one as well! Can't wait to see what's next!! 

I had an absolute blast playing through Godly Corp! The physics are hilarious and the game is such a funny experience! I can't wait for the full release of your game! Also Thank you for reaching out to me and telling me about your game!  

This game is an absolute monster! I spent a lot of time trying to beat the new update and it was a challenge! Had an amazing time playing through this again on my channel! Can't wait for another update! 

What a creepy game! I loved just about everything about it! I would love it if you continued to develop this one and expand and evolve it to make an every darker experience! Had a blast playing this one on my channel! Great job!! 

I really enjoyed this one! I wish it was longer and had more monsters to deal with! After getting the hang of it, it's actually pretty easy, so more of a challenge would be awesome! But like I said I really did enjoy it! 

You already know I had to come back with another episode of this one! Absolutely loved this game. I will say, I feel like the ending could have been a little bit better. Instead of fading to black and reading what happened I would have loved to get back into the garage and get in the snow cat! But overall great game! Keep it up! :) 

My GOD! This game is an absolute blast! It's terrifying, challenging and the concept is so well put together! I can't wait to play the full game on my channel when it releases! Great job on this one, and keep up the good work!  

You already know that I had to do a let's play of this one! Even though it's only in BETA it was an absolute blast to play! The castle feels so massive! Also the boss battles were a tone of fun to get through! I will say the ghost boss battle I couldn't really figure out how to kill him, so I just ran away!

Once again you've done an amazing job and I can't wait for the next one! Keep it up my dude!

This version of Frostbite is so much better than the original! Better graphics, better gameplay and amazing new mechanics! I did run into a few bugs, after climbing the latter in the garage I got stuck on top of it. Also after reloading the game it froze and I couldn't get out of the loading screen! Other than that this game is a masterpiece and can't wait to play more of it!

I cannot tell you how badly I want to play more levels! Verlet Swing is so much fun, and I can't wait to see more from you guys! I love the feel this game has, you can speed run and try to get the best time or you can relax and swing around! Also the look is absolutely amazing! Check out my Let's Play of Verlet Swing! 

Gotta catch up on all the awesome games you've made! Keep it up!

Another amazing game from Dave!! I know i am a little late to the party on this one, but I had to play it for myself! Absolutely amazing, challenging , and everything I was hoping for! You can check out my video on it here! Can't wait for the next game you make!

I'll have to check that one out and play it on the channel then! :)

Absolutely loved this one! I had an absolute blast playing this on the channel! I will say it got really intense and difficult, and was not easy to beat! But it was still a ton of fun! Can't wait for whats next! 

I love the style this game has! Everything looks so clean! The jumscares and ambiance were on point! I wish there was a bit more back story within the game. And honestly I wish it was longer! Check out my video if you want :) 

I enjoyed this game quite a bit! Although it was short, and the monster was easily avoidable. The atmosphere was on point! Keep up the amazing work! 

This was absolutely hilarious! I love all the little "sale" signs plastered all over the store! I played this in my Three Random Games series and I really enjoyed it! More levels / areas would be awesome to play! But great job on this one! 

I played Ashi Wash in my Three Random Games video! But oh boy this one takes the cake! I wish there were more levels to play and different types of foot maintenance to preform on the giant foot! But great job on this game, and keep it up! 

I enjoyed the heck out of this game! Almost every jump scare got me and the atmosphere was on point! I wish it was longer and had more depth to the story! But it was amazing and you did a great job on this one! Check out my video on it if you want! :) 

I actually really enjoyed playing this one! and it was a pretty difficult challenge to escape!  Great job on this one! Hope you enjoy the video! 

I love how this game plays! The style is super slick and enjoyable! It is extremely difficult, not only to survive but to solve the puzzles to escape. Finding the pieces you need for the puzzles is a even bigger challenge! But I like the challenge because it's realistic! Love the live action aspect of the game and it left me wanting  more! Great game!! 

Wow, What a game! I loved the mechanics and the ambiance was on point. I wish the letter was a bit easier to read. Also I wish it was longer and had a more prominent ending! Other than that it was amazing!!!

Wow, what a game! You guys did such a good job on this one! The atmosphere was on point and I had an absolute blast playing this game on my channel!  

I love the camera mechanics! The concept is amazing! I wish there was more to play and more puzzles to solve! Had an amazing time playing this one!  

Love the new update! Everything feels and looks so much better! I can't believe the endings I got this time around! 

Yes!! I will check it out! I am super excited!!

Oh my! Love the game I wish there was more exploration but overall it was a great experience! Keep up the amazing work! :) 

Oh my! This game was short sweet and simple, and it was absolutely amazing! The ambient sounds were on point and I had a wonderful time playing it! Great work, keep it up!

I had an absolute blast playing this game! I went into it thinking I was going to be doing some sort of heist, then everything flipped around!! Such a good concept and it was done really well! Keep it up!! :)

I wish the game was longer! Also more clowns and more clown activity would be awesome! The only other improvements I would like to see implemented into the game would be a bigger house and more ambient noise to make things more tense! But overall I enjoyed it!   

I'm glad you enjoyed my video! and Thank you for your kind words :) keep making awesome games!!!

All I can say is that this game is smooth! I really liked the game play, but at times it got super difficult! But obviously it would get harder as you climb higher and higher! But overall I really enjoyed it! great job! :)