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A member registered Aug 10, 2017

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I enjoyed this game quite a bit! Although it was short, and the monster was easily avoidable. The atmosphere was on point! Keep up the amazing work! 

This was absolutely hilarious! I love all the little "sale" signs plastered all over the store! I played this in my Three Random Games series and I really enjoyed it! More levels / areas would be awesome to play! But great job on this one! 

I played Ashi Wash in my Three Random Games video! But oh boy this one takes the cake! I wish there were more levels to play and different types of foot maintenance to preform on the giant foot! But great job on this game, and keep it up! 

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I enjoyed the heck out of this game! Almost every jump scare got me and the atmosphere was on point! I wish it was longer and had more depth to the story! But it was amazing and you did a great job on this one! Check out my video on it if you want! :) 

I actually really enjoyed playing this one! and it was a pretty difficult challenge to escape!  Great job on this one! Hope you enjoy the video! 

I love how this game plays! The style is super slick and enjoyable! It is extremely difficult, not only to survive but to solve the puzzles to escape. Finding the pieces you need for the puzzles is a even bigger challenge! But I like the challenge because it's realistic! Love the live action aspect of the game and it left me wanting  more! Great game!! 

Wow, What a game! I loved the mechanics and the ambiance was on point. I wish the letter was a bit easier to read. Also I wish it was longer and had a more prominent ending! Other than that it was amazing!!!

Wow, what a game! You guys did such a good job on this one! The atmosphere was on point and I had an absolute blast playing this game on my channel!  

I love the camera mechanics! The concept is amazing! I wish there was more to play and more puzzles to solve! Had an amazing time playing this one!  

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Love the new update! Everything feels and looks so much better! I can't believe the endings I got this time around! 

Yes!! I will check it out! I am super excited!!

Oh my! Love the game I wish there was more exploration but overall it was a great experience! Keep up the amazing work! :) 

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Oh my! This game was short sweet and simple, and it was absolutely amazing! The ambient sounds were on point and I had a wonderful time playing it! Great work, keep it up!

I had an absolute blast playing this game! I went into it thinking I was going to be doing some sort of heist, then everything flipped around!! Such a good concept and it was done really well! Keep it up!! :)

I wish the game was longer! Also more clowns and more clown activity would be awesome! The only other improvements I would like to see implemented into the game would be a bigger house and more ambient noise to make things more tense! But overall I enjoyed it!   

I'm glad you enjoyed my video! and Thank you for your kind words :) keep making awesome games!!!

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All I can say is that this game is smooth! I really liked the game play, but at times it got super difficult! But obviously it would get harder as you climb higher and higher! But overall I really enjoyed it! great job! :) 

Created a new topic What an amazing experience!

Super good job on this game! I can't wait for the full version! It really brought me back to my childhood and it felt amazing! Great job!! 

Super good playthough on this game! I really enjoyed it and the multiple endings kept things super interesting! I love the style of this game and its true meaning and story behind the text! 

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I had to play this game a second time! I really wanted to see the other conversations with the different people in the game, as well as unlock the different achievements! Really love this game!

This game really does scare the hell out of you! I loved plaything through  this game, the atmosphere was built up so well and the jumpscares got me every time! Great job!

I know this is just a prototype, but it was really well done! Love all the free ruining mechanics such as wall jumping and sliding on the ground! I wish there were more levels to play! 

Love the concept of this game! There are so many different kinds of shaves you can do including making your own! Love it

I had a really good time playing this game! But after reading the same comments for awhile it got a little old! But overall it was a great play! 

I love the concept of this game! I wish it was longer!

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This game was a fantastic play! It was super funny and the conversations were great! I love the multiple endings with each match! 

Super good game! I love the concept and how there are so many pups to pet! Great job! 

I had a pretty good time playing this! But I will say that it is missing some core mechanics! Wall jumping, and wall running would make it flow a bit better! Also if there was some sort of time trial to make it feel more accomplished when finding the red block! 

Just wow! This game blew my mind. The graphics are amazing, the controls are fantastic and realistic! Can't wait to see more from this game! 

I enjoyed this game quite a bit! I wish it was longer! Also I love the flashlight mechanic! way better than looking for batteries! Loved playing it on my channel!