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Seems legit so far.  I'm not a huge fan of this genre, but so far it works well.  Love the Clue weapons! ha ha.  Nice work Stevie!

I can't find your email on your profile.  Do you mind giving it here?  Otherwise you can email me

Tandy Color Computer 3.   I tried to find your email and couldn't find it.  I'll try again

What's the chances I could get you to do some tile work for a game project I'm working for a retro 8 bit system?

Or a polar bear

Cool!  I look forward to what is next

Thank you! I love your art by the way.  Is there a possibility of a zombie Pharoah or something along those lines?

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Just purchased this pack.  I did not see the attack animations for the demon in it.  Please add.  Also rectangle size?

These are incredible! Are the files PNG?

What is the rectangle size of the sprite so I can break out the animations individually in my sprite editor?  I need to convert these for use on the system I'm developing for.  Excellent sprites BTW!