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Hello Yuri Game Jam 2023! Been a long time fan of the yearly jam but this is my first time joining as a creator. Unfortunately, my poor time management didn't allow me to finish and submit a new game this year. So, I am submitting an old game from 2021, which I submitted for GMTK Game Jam but it definitely suits this jam wayyy more. It's my one game that I'm somehow quite proud of because after two years, I played it and objectively loved it (surprisingly) so I hope to share it with the WLW community, especially those who are trans and/or a-spec (high five).

Regardless, please do not hesitate let me know if submitting an old work breaks the rules of the jam in any way, I will remove it. I'm working on an update for the game, adding sound, so I hope that helps it count towards eligibility, but I'm just uploading now because the game page will be the same anyway and realistically, I don't think I can finish that anyway. Thank you and hope you enjoy if you decide to check my game out :D

Hello! Are you still looking for team members? I'm happy to join for more hands on deck :D

I love this game, its art and its story so much, heart-wrenching, touching and beautiful all at the same time. Thank you!

You’re welcome and thanks for making these games too :D this year’s also exceeded my expectations really ^-^

This was such an amazing visual novel, I really loved it!! Thanks so much for blessing this world with a wonderful story ^_^ The art is beautiful, the characters are lovable and well-explored, the music used was also great, the dialogue and writing is superb, the humor that's sprinkled everywhere complements everything especially the light novel feeling and the vibe overall is just *chef's kiss*, again as usual, Team Anpim delivers an extremely enjoyable game!!! :D This is a pretty long comment but no matter how much I write, it won't capture how much I love this game, like your other games!!! I saw in the afterword about how it was like this game combined many elements of the previous games and yeah, I felt that as well, maybe that's another reason why this was A+++!! Sorry, this was pretty long, TLDR thanks for making this perfect visual novel!! :) 

:D Thank you so much for your comment! I am overjoyed and very grateful to know that you enjoyed my game ^_^ Thank you!! <3

Very cool art and music and fascinating game idea!! :D My time playing this game was very fun

:D Thank you so much!! I'm very happy to hear that you liked playing my game ^-^

Thank you very much!!! :D I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it, your comment is much appreciated ^_^ 

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah sorry, this type of game is better suited to a different type of game jam lol, thanks for playing and for your input! I'll try to improve clarity in future games

Thank you so much for this game and the ones you made before!!  They're amazing and they never fail to put a smile on my face ^-^ I hope you don't mind if I made some fan art of your games lol. Your stories, art and characters are so lovable, I'm a big fan of your work Team Anpim, I'll keep supporting you no matter what you release, I still extremely enjoyed this game even though its feel was different from the previous games (and it's refreshing to see some variety once in a while lolol)! Thanks so much for your constant quality Yuri content :D

:D Thank you so much!!

No problem ^_^

Wow! Thank you for making such a great game with an important message!! I really like your art style.  :D

and sorry I'm here really late, all the other comments are very old xD