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If we get enough support, I might think about it.

This is not intentional, I'll fix it when I find it.

Hey, sorry about that! Unfortunately it doesn't crash for me when I try that, if you get an error message that could help me identify the issue.


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I think I got it, I believe you are talking about this part. It might look a bit different since this is the fixed version.

Thanks, that will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for the feedback, fixed in 0.13.

Thanks for the feedback, fixed in 0.13.


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 Hey, thanks for your feedback!

- Problems you mentioned about UI should only be issue on HTML version, which is removed now.

- I added cooldown to Squire(pink haired girl) attack but I forgot about Archer, and I just added it, it'll be available after I update the game today. Also I tweaked her aiming time, previously she would aim as soon as the animation starts but now she takes aim after she draws the bow.

- Not every attack staggers the enemy, that's why she can still attack while you are comboing. Try dashing out of her attack range(dash animation has iframes) or sliding(slide interrupts their animation %100). I might make combat easier in future if this becomes a problem for everyone.

 Thanks for playing and your feedback, I really appreciate it!

Sorry, I forgot to change the game type on Itch. You can download now.

Sorry, I forgot to change the game type on Itch. You can download now.

 Thanks for the feedback!

 I've removed the Web version as it's basically unfixable. Yesterday it was working fine, now I just keep falling through the ground, it's a mess.

 We'll continue polishing the gameplay as we further develop the game. Thanks for playing!

If you are having issues with HTML please try Windows build.

Thank you very much, that means a lot.

 Yes, but it's slow... I've been working on bugfixes and ShySeel has prepared new assets, but we have our hands full with other things already. We've been focusing on our side project, Kalyzmyr, for a while and since our deal with publisher is off, I'll share release it here on Itch as well as Steam soon.
It's been a hectic year and I feel like instead of participating tons of events, staying at home and focusing on our projects might be a better idea... though we learned lot from our experiences this past year, I feel really bad for ignoring KL for so long time since that wasn't the plan. 

 Not really sure what to say, Kalyzmyr was almost finished when we had an disagreement with publisher, so now I'm just hoping that it'll be resolved without any more problems, we'll finish it and return to KL. 

Oynadığınız için teşekkürler! Beğendiğinize çok sevindim, fakat üzgünüm ki bu oyunu devam ettirmeyi düşünmüyoruz.

Thanks! We have plans to publish on Steam in future, but we are not ready for Steam at the moment.

This seems like a common issue for Ubuntu 22.04, since this one is marked as solved maybe that could help.

 I have to stick with lower distro due to limitations of the engine, so I don't really know anything about this issue.

Thanks for your kind words! It's okay to comment here, authors can disable comments if they want so you don't need to worry about that.

I'm glad you feel that way! This team is gathered just for the purpose of this jam and we all have different projects/plans we are working on so us continuing this project seems unlikely.

 These jam projects are experiments for our future bigger projects. Hopefully we'll be making much better versions of each in future.

 Hey, thanks for your feedback!   Unfortunately we barely finished the game in given time(40h or so), so we didn't have chance to properly introduce players to the game.
 Thanks for playing and your kind words!

 Triggering those lose scenes requires special conditions, see walkthrough thread for all the possible scenarios. If the game sends you to game over screen even when you fulfill these requirements, then it might be a bug.

 You can also prostitute yourself in town. More nsfw content will be added in future.

Thanks for reporting, just released a hotfix, it should be fixed.

If Gobush doesn't accept berries, then it might be bugged. If you could send me your save file I can check.

Map will be added in future.  You can see this topic for walktrough.

Obviously spoilers ahead. 

    • Your first objective is to escape tunnel. Do not forget to loot chests and corpses, also be sure to get comfortable with combat in tutorial before proceeding. Continue right to exit.
    • Losing or surrendering to soldiers will result in rape(you won't lose and game will continue). 
    • Saving Ann after escaping from tunnel will prevent seeing her scene(event with a goblin on top of it). If you want to see her scene ignore her for now and come back after buying pass from Alcock later. Do not help her ever if you want to see her second scene, which will be triggered by a bounty 3 days after you entered Grimshear(trigger is buying the pass)(wait for 'New bounty added' notification).
    • After you escape from tunnel, you should go to the church. Follow Evenon, use signposts and go to the church. In church there will be a dialogue with Evenon, talk with him and ask about his plan. Get new outfit from chest, also wisp scroll and talk to him again, he'll teach you how to summon a Wisp. 
    • You can help Alicia on the way, she's located at the main road above church area and right of the first forest area(interact with signposts for help). If you choose to help her but then lose the fight, rape scene will be triggered(you won't lose the game.) 
    • To enter village, you'll 50 crowns. You can also offer your body in NSFW version. If you have 20 crowns, you can help Alicia and get 50 crowns in total or you can help Dianna and earn 50 crowns, the needed amount to buy pass to enter Grimshear. 
    • If you rescued Ann from goblins, she'll offer her body instead for your sake(or maybe she just wanted it anyway??). But this also means you missed her scene with goblins and her bounty route. 
    • If you don't have 50 crowns, you should talk to Dianna and offer your help. After you activate her quest line, dying at mine area(outside of Lamrock) will trigger rape scene and you'll be rescued after that. (edited)
    • Enter Grimshear, talk to Gobush, complete his request if you want. You can also complete available bounty. Congrats, you completed the main quest for now.(v0.5.5.21). 
    • (New in If you didn't resuce Ann before entering Grimshear, her husband, Gawath will put up a bounty in 3 days(you can sleep to fast forward time). Take the bounty and go to Lamrock Cave. At the far right side of the cave, you'll find Ann, in need of help. Resuce her then get back to village. You'll complete her quest, Ann and Gawath can be found at the tavern afterwards. 
    • (New in If you have good relationship with Dianna, you can help her to find her sword Shina. To trigger the quest, go to Dianna and ask if she has any quests available for you. After completing her request, you can access her scenes by sleeping in her bed. 


    1.  You can sell your body in Grimshear and Snoring Cherry(tavern) for money. 
    2. You'll be raped by bandits if you lose at Outskirst of Grimshear, the first area you go after leaving tunnel. Be careful though, if you lose close to Lamrock, you we'll be raped by goblins instead. 
    3.  You'll either be raped by goblins, or by a hobgoblin when you lose inside Lamrock.

    Thank you very much for explaining! I'll add this to the bug list.

    Thank you very much!

    Yes, that's what I needed. Thanks!

    I'm sorry about that. What is your resolution(or device model)?

     As a work around, you can disable combat by lowering difficulty to the lowest until I release a bugfix.

    Delete the 'saves' folder located at 'C:Users/'USERNAME'/appdata/roaming/Kingdom_Lost'

    Can you zip your game data located at "C:Users/'USERNAME'/appdata/roaming/Kingdom_Lost" and send me?