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 Text tells you to press whatever is assigned to the jump button while crouching down to drop down the platforms, not really sure how you got stuck. You are talking about the first part of second stage right?

Thanks for the suggestion! This has already been requested and it's planned for the next release.

Yes it's coming soon.

Thanks for you feedback but I'm having hard time understanding what you mean. What do you mean by 'glide key' and what is wrong with mobile version? Zoom in sex is something we can add, I'll think about that.

Sorry for the inconvenience, that was a mistake on our part. I got wrong idea about how extra files work on Itch and fixed it later(seperated free and paid version).

Please contact me on Discord, I can help.

It's not finished, it just I'm waiting for assets and they are too late. We have one last update planned.

Thanks, we are team of 2 and we are independent. It's going to be paid with demo.

 While these content you metioned sounds great, it falls outside the scope of this project, which already expanded beyond it's initla scope several times already.

 But, we are aiming to add all the content we wanted to add but couldn't, with the sequel. While nothing is set in stone yet, second game is going to be more like a metroidvania in term of gameplay and include some sort of progression for player and the girls. We didn't invest too much in this project but we are going to invest more in the sequel. But I'm pretty sure we are not going to follow any IAP/MTX model.

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad to hear your liked our game and thanks for the suggestions.


Yes, we are working on 1 new character and 1 or more maps, as well as some improvements and bugfixes.

Added to the list. I'll also add a button to activate Guide Pet on mobile.

Press&hold 'F' button(by default) to control her. You can change the keybindings from options menu.

I just found a bug that's preventing Saver from getting pregnant and fixed it in v0.6.02.

If you mean the Saver , it's the same with others.

 We developed 2 games on Android prior to this so we are experienced. And I always keep my code compatible with mobile devices just in case, so it was just a matter of player demand.

Otherwise it's wouldn't be possible in couple hours. Game development is complex and there are many new developers that are doing their best to just to release a game that works. I understand that it might be too much for some, I struggled a lot to release our first Android version for Kingdom Lost.

v0.5 Changelog - v0.6 Changelog

It should be v0.4.

Thanks, fixed and released v0.6.01.

You can't grab pond apples in mobile version, sorry about that.

Thanks for the offer! Since we recently ended halloween sale, we don't have any plans to go on sale soon.

Demo and full version will be updated soon, we are working on it.

If you mean as a main character, sorry but no.

 On PC, escape menu brings "Load from last checkpoint" option. On mobile, click on 3 lines located at top-left corner of the screen to get this option.
 This is usually enough, but if you want to completely reset the stage in Demo, you can reset your save data from options menu. In full version you can restart a stage from 'Stage Select' menu.


Thanks for your support with optimization and translation. Everything went smoothly thanks to your help.

Take care!

Thanks. As you said, file was being created in project folder in %appdata%. Unfortunately I couldn't make it work outside sandboxed folder, but that not an issue for me right now.

xzip_create doesn't create anything, sandbox is disabled.

When I call the function, game freezes for a second so I guess it's doing something, xzip_create returns the correct path, but there just is no file created.

xzip_exists also returns false when I enter the path I got from xzip_create.

To keep it simple for the test, I just tried to zip projects .yyp file.

 Hello, thanks for your feedback! I just tested the latest version on 2 phones(one is old Samsung Galaxy s7, 2016 model I think) and tablet, there doesn't seems to be an issue. Game is really lightweight, there shouldn't be any performance issues.

 If problem is with sex animations, then you can increase animation speed by holding down the attack button, but from what I understand game is slow all the time, is that right?
 Also thanks for your kind offer, if you are interested in helping us bring this game to Brazilian audience, please add me on Discord: .sacrifice .

Thank you very much!

 Thanks for the feedback, this project is kinda forced out of it's boundaries for several reasons(long story), but we are going to finish with the next update, without adding new maps. While I agree with you, we also do our best to keep things interested within the projects boundaries and hope that it might be fun to keep going. These boundaries won't be an issue in the next Dekamara game, hopefully you'll enjoy it lot more.


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I just released v0.5.02 which addresses this issue, thanks for the notice.

Can you send me your save file? It's located at "C:\Users\username\appdata\roaming\Dekamara"

 We are going to continue Kingdom Lost after we are done with the next Dekamara game so it might take a while.

I appreciate it, we'll do our best to meet up to expectations!

Goto 'C:\Users\username\appdata\roaming\kingdom_lost' and delete 'saves' folder.

New girl and stages. If you are not interested in puzzle-platformer part, you can just buy the gallery version for the scenes.