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Played this back when it first came out, but recently revisited it and god damn if it isn't still pretty great! Needs more opposition, though; I notice commenters mentioning a "ticking clock" element, like maybe the guards call in backup if you trap them in a room, but personally I think there needs to be a rival hacker; somebody to directly oppose Casey, an antagonistic force going after the player character themselves. It'd give the whole thing more tension and more personal stakes, having to fight an enemy who can challenge Casey on their level. Maybe they can "counter-hack" the programs the player already has control over. This would have the added benefit of preventing the "soft-locking" situation that one of the commenters below mentioned, where if you have all your slots full of one color key without anything to hack, you're basically screwed.

Worry not, the Psychoboy you connected to on Discord is me! The one with the cool fantasy cyborg pfp!

Hey there! Back in the day, I helped do some writing for this game! Now that it's back underway again, I'd like to once more offer my services. Are you still looking for writers?

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Any time! I also threw in those changes Annon mentioned, hope it helps!

Sounds good! It'll be a while before I can get to that, but I promise it's on my to do list!

All done!

How is it so far?

Yeah, in 5 it looks like she has sort of wild and unkempt hair. Should I include that in the transformation?

Also, where should I post the finished product?

This still good? I believe I've found everything in the current build, so I'm ready to start writing!

I've only played a little bit of the game so far, but I can certainly work my way through the rest!

Both sound like my bag! I could totally help with either of those!

Hey... You guys need any more writers? I did some work for that thing Shite Life was working on, Bimbo Canterlot High, but that project's basically dead now.