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Psycho Romeo

A member registered Mar 21, 2017

Recent community posts

I was constantly losing buildings. I must have rebuilt my mills a dozen times. I never used more than a single of each military/support building. I didn't bother with walls until day eight or nine and purchased maybe three upgrades. I know I wasted a lot of time, and kinda put off taking down the cemeteries.

I finished the game on day 13, 30 souls under my command, and having only harvested a very tiny portion of the map. I dunno what your intended playtime was, but I feel I just kinda derped around and accidentally happened upon and beat the final level. The shades stealing your guys was neat, but this ended up being far less dangerous than something that could actually deal damage.

Bought the game, read the controls, jumped in. I don't really feel I was playing very optimally at all, yet I still beat it on my first try. In my opinion it could be a lot more challenging.

Dealing with a lot of units in real time is a little unwieldy. I assume this is somewhat intentional to promote its more simplistic nature.

Enjoyed the game. Money well spent. Thanks.