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Hello! Thanks for buying the game. I wasn't able to add a POKE, but just for you I've added a new version of the game that has infinite lives :) I don't know what'll happen if you play it for a long time, though, it might just eventually crash or it might run forever! Either way, have fun!

Whaaaat thanks for the amazing review! You rock.

Love it! Beautiful graphics, perfect C64 chunky pixel art and really well done music, too! It's a lovely little game and it made me smile :)

Love it! Thanks, GPC! 

Not sure why it linked to an older video (I'm sure I changed it before submitting!) but there it is.. here's the video it was supposed to link to :/
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Love it! Got a really fun retro vibe and I'm loving the racing. Controls feel great. Everything worked as I'd expect it to. Can't wait to see this develop and play more tracks. Nice work!

Thanks for the reply :)

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Fantastic video! Thanks so much for making it and for playing my game. Really enjoyed watching it - especially when you noticed the Smash potato enemies!! It was an accident they turned out looking looking like that to be honest (I was going for some kind of death star-like shiny globe monsters) but once they started looking like Smash martians it put a smile on my face so they got to stay in the game :) Anyway, thanks again for making the video. Really chuffed you enjoyed it - just sorry it made you swear so much lol. Cheers!

Thanks ZXPresh! Really happy to hear you're having fun with it :)

Yay! Thanks Schombi - very kind of you and much appreciated by me :) 

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Quick update - there's now a credit both on the itch page and on the main menu of the game. Thanks for making such a cool font and letting us all use it in our MPAGD games :)

Yay! Thanks x10000000 for playing - and for making a great video of it! You're awesome :)

Fantastic! Looking forward to it. Thanks for keeping the Speccy dream alive!

Fantastic! Sadly as I’m in Canada the best I could find so far is a Recreated Spectrum (basically a USB rubber keyboard) plugged into the PC emulator, but I’d love to see it running on a real Speccy one day! Lovely stuff thanks :)

Awesome! I love it, thanks!! :)

I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks for making it :)

LOVE IT! Thanks for making this game!

AMAZING! Love it! The physics are really well done - great graphics - I'm blown away this is even possible under such limitations. You even managed to get the racing line helper / ground display thingy in there, which I think is really awesome. Nice work!

Love it! Fun physics :)

Sorry about that *cringe* - fixed it.

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Drive a Beetle around a city. No, not John, Paul, George or Ringo. A VW, silly!

I made this as a test, but I have a nice old time pootling around in it (it's fun being a tourist), so here it is just incase anyone else has a nice time pootling around in it. 

You drive a VW Beetle around a city. It's quite a powerful Beetle (I'd say they dropped in a camper van engine, dual carbs and a lightened flywheel) so you can boot it or just pootle.

That's it. No rules, no fancy game, just a little drive around the city.

It's an 'experience'.


This is an AMAZING pack - these sprites are beautiful! Thank you for making it :)

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Merry Christmas!

All your games look awesome and are really well made, but racing games need controller support! Please, look at Rewired or cInput for Unity. I want to play your games but I refuse to drive with a keyboard. Keep up the awesome work all the same :)

Thanks for making this wonderful adventure game :)

I use Retro Virtual Machine as my Speccy emulator and it will map the controller to Kempston (I think there is a way to map it differently too, but I'm not 100% on that!) - either way, it lets you use a controller to play Sheep's games with and it's a fine emulator :) ..

Thank you.

The camera is now much better! Thanks for fixing it up so quickly. It makes the game sooo much more fun! I'm looking forward to playing it some more. It's a really cool little game - I like that you always progress even if you don't win (you just progress less!) and I think the races are just about the right lengths to have that 'just one more go' appeal! I really like it  :)

Lovely platforming fun just like it's 1985!! Thanks for making this game!

Does this one have controller support?

Looks fun! Does this one have controller support?

I love it! It's a lovely arcade game :)

I really enjoyed it! :)
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Pleeeaaaase consider adding controller support - most of us don't like to play racing games on keyboard! Thanks :)

Own a VR headset and controllers? Ever wanted to sit on the moon and make bubbles? Now you can, with Bubbles on the Moon. A relaxing PC SteamVR experience for all of your sitting on the moon making bubbles desires. This is an ambient experience with no gameplay, it's just for making bubbles and relaxing.

As it's SteamVR, it should work with practically anything that's capable of SteamVR (Oculus and Vive tested, no idea about the other ones tbh) but you will need controllers to make bubbles with. 

Relax, make bubbles, enjoy the moon.