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Thank you for posting these amazing words! Really appreciated. I do love the idea of an Amiga port some day, but I've never programmed the Amiga outside of AMOS. Hmm.. wonder if I could make this game in AMOS?? Anyway, thanks again. You rock!

These are really really good! Thank you so much for making and sharing them.

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This looks lovely! Really nice looking game, can't wait to see more!

Heyyy that's AWESOME! Thanks for playing and for including it in your video! :D

Thanks for making the video! Glad you enjoy the game!

You got there eventually, that’s all that really matters! 🤣👍 

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, if I could preview random colours in GEON (a checkbox would be perfect) that'd be useful to me. I like a lot of funky multicoloured particles! Cheers!

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Absolutely LOVE this program. I think it's amazing for setting up GM particles and I'd probably have gone mad without it. My biggest wishlist item would be a way to do random colours (right now, to achieve this I'm spawning particles individually in Step, using a random colour, and every time I need to do this I forget how to and have to look it up so if Geon could export code for that too (even commented out) it'd be super handy for me lol). Having a way to preview random colours would be a help, if at all possible.

Anyway though, I love it and I'm really glad I have it. It's a MUST HAVE for anyone using GameMaker. Thanks for making it!

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Smeggin' BRILLIANT game!!!!!! Just smashed my high score .. 10900 

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I'll be giving it another good go over the weekend - I *will* get past level 2! (or, at the very least past the first bog!!!!)

Was it also the *meanest* game competition, too!?? lol that's well 'ard! Them death thingies on level 2 are brutal. Kept me quiet for a bit, mind, so thanks for that :)  .. highest was 144 and I couldn't get past level 2. Yeah, I guess I'm no hardcore gamer, eh? I do love your graphics. Very Matthew Smith! Cheers!

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Great fun. The dragons are awesome, it's got really cool graphics and sounds and the controls are spot on too. Great design with the whole rescuing and getting powerups etc - really nice game!

This is like music to my ears (or, eyes, since I'm reading it!!) .. anyway, thank you so much for that post! That's amazing - really puts a smile on my face - and I'm really looking forward to your video. Hope you enjoy the new course!

Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't have any choice in that. I'm just a dude with an account on this site. The site takes care of payment providers. Perhaps let itch support know your feelings about it? 

Great stuff! Glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for playing, CoffeeCupArcade! You're awesome!

Heyyy thank you so much for writing that, Zilog! Made my day :) I'm super happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for playing my game and for your kind comments. You rock!

Thanks, Sloany! Really glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad I included the difficulty levels now :)

Cheers for playing my game! Level 11 is really good going - it's a super tough game! I enjoyed watching your video thanks! :)

It seems like it, yeah, but the difference is very small. Everything else on the stream looked exactly like I was seeing it in the emulator, but I think the real hardware may take a slightly longer time between loading screens that caused my 'look ahead to where the ball is going to be next' collision code to wig out. Anyway, it's fixed now so no longer an issue but def something I'll be watching out for in future games I make! :)

Cheers, Mr. Hitch!

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I couldn't have fixed it without you and it was great to be able to see you running the fixed version on your stream afterward, too. Thanks for a great stream and for your amazing support of my stuff. I really appreciate what you do.

The new version is up on here and I've also tweaked the positioning so the ball should never appear in a wall again!

Thanks, Sloany! I think the chomping animation and chomp chomp noises are some of my best work ever :)

Ahhh I looked at your stream  schedule and it's like 4am here when you stream.. that might explain why I never get notified!

Awww maaan I wish I'd seen that! I'm sure I enabled notifications but I'm gonna have to check it cos it never tells me when anyone streams anymore :( I really hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for what you do- I really appreciate it man.

BRILLIANT GAME!!!! And that music.. just incredible. I had a total blast playing it and it brought back some fantastic memories. Thanks for making it!

Oh my gosh that was fast! Thanks so much for playing it and for making an awesome video :)

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That's good. Thanks for the reply.  

15 levels is the total yeah. I went with the Speccy Bomb Jack model of looping around purely to follow that model really. I think the Speccy version of Bomb Jack looped but I can't recall how many levels it had. The playtime for each level in Bomb Jack was longer so I figured 15 was a good number for the faster play.

Oh no! You're too good at the game! You're not supposed to go all the way to level 46! XD .. to be fair, there's a good reason it says 'too easy' on the difficulty select menu ;) .. all difficulty modes are *supposed* to get tougher over time but I can see that in too easy mode perhaps it just doesn't get tough enough! Thanks so much for playing, though. How is regular difficulty for you?

Thank you LOTS for playing my game! Great video 👍🏻

\o/  yay! Thanks for giving it a go, joltcountry! Pretty honoured you chose Chopper Defence to be honest. Hope you find lots more Speccy games out there to enjoy!  :)

Hello! Thanks for buying the game. I wasn't able to add a POKE, but just for you I've added a new version of the game that has infinite lives :) I don't know what'll happen if you play it for a long time, though, it might just eventually crash or it might run forever! Either way, have fun!

Whaaaat thanks for the amazing review! You rock.

Love it! Beautiful graphics, perfect C64 chunky pixel art and really well done music, too! It's a lovely little game and it made me smile :)

Love it! Thanks, GPC! 

Not sure why it linked to an older video (I'm sure I changed it before submitting!) but there it is.. here's the video it was supposed to link to :/
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Love it! Got a really fun retro vibe and I'm loving the racing. Controls feel great. Everything worked as I'd expect it to. Can't wait to see this develop and play more tracks. Nice work!

Thanks for the reply :)

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Fantastic video! Thanks so much for making it and for playing my game. Really enjoyed watching it - especially when you noticed the Smash potato enemies!! It was an accident they turned out looking looking like that to be honest (I was going for some kind of death star-like shiny globe monsters) but once they started looking like Smash martians it put a smile on my face so they got to stay in the game :) Anyway, thanks again for making the video. Really chuffed you enjoyed it - just sorry it made you swear so much lol. Cheers!