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Thank you.

The camera is now much better! Thanks for fixing it up so quickly. It makes the game sooo much more fun! I'm looking forward to playing it some more. It's a really cool little game - I like that you always progress even if you don't win (you just progress less!) and I think the races are just about the right lengths to have that 'just one more go' appeal! I really like it  :)

Lovely platforming fun just like it's 1985!! Thanks for making this game!

Does this one have controller support?

Looks fun! Does this one have controller support?

I love it! It's a lovely arcade game :)

I really enjoyed it! :)
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Pleeeaaaase consider adding controller support - most of us don't like to play racing games on keyboard! Thanks :)

Own a VR headset and controllers? Ever wanted to sit on the moon and make bubbles? Now you can, with Bubbles on the Moon. A relaxing PC SteamVR experience for all of your sitting on the moon making bubbles desires. This is an ambient experience with no gameplay, it's just for making bubbles and relaxing.

As it's SteamVR, it should work with practically anything that's capable of SteamVR (Oculus and Vive tested, no idea about the other ones tbh) but you will need controllers to make bubbles with. 

Relax, make bubbles, enjoy the moon.