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Thank you for the feedback Salus!

I understand your concern regarding the mechanics, and indeed it's not a game for everyone. I would hope that nobody willing to play this sort of game would go for a cheap "Win the game" or similar situation, but I suppose it's possible someone would say that. You could play the game either with or without a GM. If one is present, it's easy to have the GM describe the current scene, and the players go from there; the GM could also assign the complications. This is what I had in mind when creating the game, though not specifically mentioned.

If there's no GM, the remaining players would have control over the scene and complications. Either the previous or following player, or even one randomly assigned every turn, could act as a temporary GM to determine what goes on. All of them together could work too, but that might be too chaotic. As you mentioned, this would indeed help with the inactivity of other players, though I expect there to be quite a bit of chatter even out of turn.

Lastly, the difficulty is set so that it becomes more complicated to do any sort of action the closer you are to the end (the less Light there is, the more difficult it is to do anything), with a bit of help around the middle of the game to help you beta a complicated scene and move the game along. Though I believe you might be referring to the difficulty of different kinds of actions; there is indeed no difference depending on the kind of action you want to do. In this sense it is similar to the game Dread, where it just gets more and more complicated no matter what you want to do, to make it more thrilling by the end.

Thanks again for the feedback, and I hope I could clarify a bit of my reasoning behind the mechanics. Perhaps I'll tweak and improve it after the voting finishes, there's definitely more information that could be added removing the 200 word limit.


Glad to hear that! 

If you manage to play I'd really appreciate it if you could report back, I hope you have fun!

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Thank you for the kind words!

I hope it makes its way to a few tables and some people have fun with it.

There were definitely automated emails for every stage of the event, check your spam folder, maybe they got sent there by mistake?

It really is a shame, there are some amazing creative games. If you already have a game ready, or an idea you can quickly implement, maybe ask Ian if you can submit your game anyway. Whether that's actually possible or against the rules, I wouldn't know, considering there was only a limited time to do it. 

You're welcome, I'm glad I could help :)

You're welcome, glad it worked!

I can see it. The "submit your project" just doesn't go away, so you could possibly submit more than one if you wanted to.

Go to your entry, you should see it in your dashboard. Head to Manage > Edit Game. At the bottom you should see Visibility & access. Make sure it's set to public, and save.

Hopefully that'll solve the issue.