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Ah, I was too nice, so that's why I got a bad end. The specific quest that didn't work for me was 'Save me from scraps!' I should've finished the quest on 4/21 but after the bar robot said that he'd give the train robot a chance, I couldn't complete it. The train robot just keeps saying he needs a job and the bar robot repeats that sephia is gone. It may have something to do with the cutscene with Eric that day, but I'm not sure. I haven't done the newest update so I will redownload the updated game and try another route tonight and see if I can catch the bugs I encountered.

Created a new topic Bug report

Is there a place I can report game bugs? While doing Eve/Katie's route was fine for the most part, Eve/Jon's route had a lot of bugs, including renpy errors and broken quests that I was never able to finish. It all culminated into a bad end that I have no idea why I got or what I did wrong?