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I sincerely hope you're able to accomplish this. I want to do something very similar with layered sprites to show battle damage over the course of a game from beginning to end (granted, that is a very long time from now) and I haven't had a whole lot of luck in actually finding any documentation that supports this, or even speculation that it might be a thing without serious performance issues.

Thank you for this awesome asset! I'll be purchasing it in the near future and hope to make use of it, but if nothing else, it looks really fun to play and learn with. :)

Thanks very much!

Hello! I really like this and I'm very interested in potentially implementing it in a future project. I am completely new to GMS2; last time I used any version of Game Maker was before GMS existed and I didn't know anything back then, either.

What I'm wondering is if it's possible to use this on select portions of the screen instead of the whole screen (or alternatively, if it's possible to apply this shader to a single background layer and build overtop of it with tiles unaffected by the glitching); what I want to do with this is something kinda similar (aesthetically) to the glitch rooms in Axiom Verge where parts of the screen appear to be corrupted. I may have use of this either way; it's awesome looking and may inspire me to do other things with it, but I'd just like to find out if this is even possible before I go ahead and get in over my head.