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This is addictive! The idea of combining card game with clicker game is also good!

Nice shooter game. But I think the game is quite easy once you figured it out, though.

The game feels great! But I think the movement feels a little strange, though, and the game never really end. But other than that, it's a good one! 

Nice game with lots of unlockable. The game is hard without speed upgrade, though.

Nice aesthetic! Great dialogue! The text is too fast sometimes, though. But overall, the game feels really good.

Fun shooting game with nice aesthetic!

Sometimes I don't know why I can't turn. The idea is great, though.

Nice original idea. But it's hard to jump to some platform, though.

Really nice puzzle game with many levels. Great idea too!

Come to think of it, I've participated in a game making "competition" before. So, this is not really my first jam, I guess (but first one online for sure). And thanks everyone for the comment. I will play your guys' game as well.

This game is gold. The music is also gold.