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We hope to be in time in August.

We plan to release it in September, it is even written about it in the demo)).

We can't finish it until Nape Games has completed the PC version.

1. The game is still in development. But you can pre-order here.

2.  You can only completely rewrite it by hand.

This is a game for SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis

In order to play it, you need an emulator or an iron sega.

Most likely it will work.

I think not in the near future. Although it all depends on the wishes of the author.

We thought, but ...

This is a very old demo version. The doors open in it, but for this you need to solve a couple of riddles.


Thank you for your support, it is very important to us.

Not yet, but perhaps sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, we cannot open kickstarter fees yet. Maybe sometime in the future we will have such an opportunity.

Thank you for such kind words)). You can try to find on the Internet a later demo version that was stolen from us.

Sprites generally don't shrink at all.

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The best help for us will be if you tell your friends about our project. Anyway, wherever possible. We still need massive publicity.

No, these demos are not available.

And due to the fact that one of the early demos leaked to the network. It is unlikely that we will provide anyone with a demo until 100% completion of the game. Maybe only Capcom))

What other pictures?


Thank you for the information.

These versions were received only by bloggers (reviewers).

We do not publish the latest demos yet. Only the initial demo is available.

Anything is possible, but in any case, this will require funding, which we do not have.

When the game is completed to the end (or close to the end) then the new rom.

Hi. I gave him your message, wait for an answer.